Coloring Match

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1. Mix colors of your choice on the square canvas & try matching the color of the object by bringing your brush close to the real object!

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新着情報 Coloring Match v3.24

  • 発売日: 2023-12-10
  • 現在のバージョン: 3.24
  • ファイルサイズ: 306.60 MB
  • 互換性: iOSが必要です 11.0 以降 or Android KitKat 4.4, Lollipop 5.0, Marshmallow 6.0, Nougat 7.0, Oreo 8.0, Android P 9.0 or later

Immerse yourself in a world of colors with "Coloring Match", the ultimate COLOR-MATCHING GAME! Discover the artist within as you blend colors and paint 3D objects, transforming them into vibrant masterpieces! Become a color maestro, learn to mix hues on a color palette, and bring over 200 objects to life with your unique color style! From fruits in a garden to exotic animals, and from high-performance cars to home appliances, you'll never run out of exciting objects to paint! Here's a sneak peek into our color-filled rooms: Garden: Apples, Bananas, Eggplants, Oranges, Cherries and more await your colorful touch! Kitchen: Make Waffles, Pancakes, Donuts, Cupcakes and other treats come alive! Garage: Paint luxury cars like BMW, Audi, Nissan, Dodge and more! Cubes: Add color to different geometric shapes. Greenhouse: Paint an array of flowers like Eucalyptus, Astrantia, and even a Christmas Tree! Electronics: Consoles, Instax, Arcades, Drones - paint them all! Sports: Bring color to Balls from various sports like tennis, bowling, soccer and more. Furniture: Paint a Chair, Bed, Table, Kettle, etc. to match your style. Animals: Add color to Cats, Cows, Dogs, Sheep, and more! Aquarium: Bring the underwater world alive with Octopus, JellyFish, Sharks, and more. Vegetables: Brighten up Watermelon, Tomato, Cucumber, and more. Cosmetics: Paint Blush, Bronzer, Lipstick, and other beauty products! Key Features: ● Effortless Painting: Bring objects to life by painting them with your unique color style, effortlessly matching their original hues. ● Learn Color Mixing: Discover new shades by mixing colors. Experiment, learn and create the perfect hue! Undo steps if needed, or use hints for a little help. ● Auction or Exhibit: Sell your painted objects at an auction for the price they deserve, or showcase them in your personal home gallery! ● Customize Themed Rooms: Decorate 12 unique themed rooms and the main screen to your liking. ● Share Your Creations: Share your artistic flair with friends on social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.) and let them admire your color-matching prowess! ● 3D Gallery: Create a vibrant 3D gallery with your uniquely painted objects! "Coloring Match" is more than just a game - it's an exploration of colors, a journey of creativity, and a celebration of artistic freedom! Dive in today and color your world!

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